Equipment leasing group teams with Tabitha

Tabitha Software has signed a long-term strategic partnership with the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA), which represents companies involved in equipment leasing and the finance industry.

The software company has developed and implemented a web-based industry technology platform for asset management. Tabitha's industry system provides key workflow and business process modules tailored to both asset management and the leasing industry. The system incorporates tools for compliance, risk management, business intelligence, reporting, data management, and document management. The ELA and Tabitha intend to improve asset management operations and transform leasing companies into “real-time enterprises.”

Tabitha's integration platform also provides a single point of connectivity for equipment lessors and asset managers to coordinate, evaluate, and transact business with the leasing industry's premier service providers and distribution channels. Service providers are given Internet portals to manage and track business workflow processes and communicate with asset managers. Additionally, service providers can connect their internal asset tracking systems directly to the industry platform. This provides the leasing institution with real-time information through continuous data flow between multiple partners and disparate systems.

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