EQO 14 Passenger All-Electric Shuttle Bus Launched in U.S.

Balqon Corp., a developer and manufacturer of zero emission heavy-duty electric trucks, lithium battery packs and electric vehicle drive systems, has begun the U.S. launch of the EQO Ford E450, a 14-passenger all-electric shuttle bus with a 30-minute charge time.

The company expects that the production models will feature higher capacity batteries that will dramatically increase the range between charges and also reduce charging time to 30 minutes.

It is ideal for defined route vehicles used at airports, rental car lots, and large shopping malls and university campuses. The shuttle with its fast-charge capability can provide 24/7 operation with opportunity charging during off-peak hours.

It features a five-speed automatic transmission directly coupled to AC Induction motor; proprietary

Balqon Quick-Shift technology; J1939 communication; Balqon proprietary 240 kW inverter; IGBT transistor braking; and 125 hp AC induction motor, blower-cooled with encoder.

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