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EPA report encourages idle reduction

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released a report to help truck carriers and others better measure benefits of idle reduction technologies.

This report, Guidance for Quantifying and Using Long-Duration Truck Idling Emission Reductions in State Implementation Plans and Transportation Conformity, offers details on how to measure reductions in air pollution, which also lead to fuel savings, by employing idle reduction activities.

These measurements will become increasingly important in light of new hours of services rules which many in the industry anticipate will lead to increased idle time by drivers adhering to the new rules.

The report also tells why idle reduction is important:

  • Reductions in the emissions of toxic air pollutants such as formaldehyde and trace metals such as nickel

  • Reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide

  • Reductions in fuel consumption, decreased maintenance costs, and longer engine life

  • Reductions in noise levels

  • Decreased dependency on oil imports

  • Local communities near truckstops, rest areas, and other areas where long-duration idling occurs, some of which consist of low-income and minority populations, may benefit from the reduced pollution and noise levels, as will truck drivers and truckstop employees.

Access to obtain the report.

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