EPA opens discussions with Torvec on transmission

Torvec, Inc. announced that, as the result of Torvec's recent successful testing of its infinitely variable transmission (IVT) in its Dodge Ram 4x4 diesel truck, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has invited the company to bring its revolutionary technology to the EPA's Research Laboratory facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The meeting is scheduled for mid-January, 2004, with a planned visit by EPA personnel to Torvec's facilities to follow shortly thereafter. EPA personnel also expressed interest in the core of Torvec's IVT -- its lightweight, highly efficient hydraulic pump and motor system. This hydraulic technology incorporates 2 EPA-sponsored concepts:* An accumulator, or hydraulic launch assist, system which recovers energy normally lost during vehicle braking to power increased acceleration with an estimated 25% to 35% additional fuel savings. Torvec's IVT/accumulator system includes a 78 pound hydraulic pump which has 208 cc displacement in contrast to a competitor's 220 pound pump with only a 148 cc displacement;* A hydraulic, all-wheel drive system, i.e., a system that incorporates one hydraulic pump, driven by the engine, supplying pressurized fluid to smaller hydraulic motors driving each wheel.In contrast to Torvec's hydraulic technology, existing hydraulic systems are too heavy, too large, and too inefficient to be practical in 4-wheel drive system applications. Torvec's hydraulic system will enable automakers to eliminate the need for a transmission, 2 complete axles (including differentials), 2 drive shafts, and 1 transfer case, creating a much lighter vehicle, which in turn would result in smaller engines.Torvec also announced that the President of the New York Association for Pupil Transportation, Scott Goble, has visited with Torvec management, reviewed Torvec's technology, and discussed a retrofit program incorporating the IVT in New York State school buses. There are approximately 50,000 school buses in New York State.Torvec is installing its IVT/accumulator system in a Class 3 commercial truck obtained from Nissan Diesel America. Nissan Diesel America and Torvec are in discussions about the development of a light- and medium-truck IVT/accumulator system and the possible market for retrofitting these systems into existing truck chassis. Torvec is also discussing the use of its IVT/accumulator system with other national and international automakers and original equipment manufacturers, subject to confidentiality agreements.

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