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EPA Grants Available For Peterbilt’s Complete Hybrid Lineup

Peterbilt announced that its complete line of hybrid products are eligible for United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants of up to 25 percent of the total quoted vehicle cost.

Eaton Corporation, hybrid system developer, has collaborated with the Environmental Defense Fund to complete and submit applications on behalf of Peterbilt and its customers to receive the available Diesel Emission Reduction Act grant discounts. Peterbilt hybrid customers must complete a non-binding letter of intent to purchase and customer application form prior to April 1 to become eligible for the grant. Additional federal tax credits of up to $12,000 and state and municipal funding may also be available to offset the hybrid equipment costs further.

The grant is available for regional, state and local governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and public and private companies that operate on behalf of these entities.

Peterbilt Hybrid vehicles eligible for the discount include the Model 330 Hybrid Electric, Model 335 Hybrid Electric and Model 320 Hydraulic Launch Assist.

For more information contact your local Peterbilt dealer or visit

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