EPA approves PuriNOx for on-road use

The EPA has registered Lubrizol Corp.'s PuriNOx low-emission diesel fuel for use in on-road vehicles, based on two years of health-effects testing by an independent laboratory. EPA registration enables unrestricted commercialization in the U.S. Prior to registration, market development of PuriNOx fuel had occurred under EPA's research exemption that required monitoring of all on-road usage. Registration applies to the PuriNOx warm-weather blend, which is sold in California and Texas. Testing for the cold-weather blend is progressing as planned, with registration targeted for the second quarter of 2003. PuriNOx fuel is currently marketed in North America and in several countries in Europe for applications including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment. On average it is said to reduce smog-forming nitrogen oxides by 19% and particulate matter by 54%.

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