Enforcer Seal Guard Lock deters tampering

Transport Security Inc introduces the patent-pending Enforcer Seal Guard Lock #5900 hasp and trailer seal protector for the transportation and supply chain industries.

The Enforcer Seal Guard Lock is designed to protect trailer seals from unauthorized removal and tampering while in transit. It will accommodate cable, plastic, metal, and bolt seals. The lock is mounted onto existing trailer latches and has a self-contained design.

Hardened steel construction and a corrosion-resistant surface provide a high-security barrier that prevents the seal from physical attacks. The option is provided for using Enforcer Abloy high-security padlocks to secure the unit.

Missing and broken seals are an issue that faces shippers and carriers and can be a costly problem. The Enforcer Seal Guard Lock will secure trailer doors and prevent pilferage and seal tampering while goods are in transit.

More information can be found at www.transportsecurity.com or by calling 952-442-5625.

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