Empl three-module fire service vehicles

EMPL FIRE FIGHTING VEHICLES are known for their three-module construction. The driver's cab, the crew cab, and the fire service body are three separate modules that can move separately as the chassis twists in rough terrain. The hazardous spill clean-up vehicle shown at the IAA in Hanover is typical of the three-module design.

The Empl crew cab is newly designed and will fit any medium-range truck. The transition panels between the driver's cab and the crew cab are of fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Crew cab panels are of laminated sandwich panels in which the aluminum sheet covers a core of polypropylene honeycomb. This results in a weight reduction of 35% to 40%, more interior space, and better corrosion resistance. It carries a 10-year Empl warranty. Construction also is shock-absorbing, is sound and heat insulated, and is not easily flammable.

The equipment storage body uses the same aluminum-honeycomb sandwich. The interior has adjustable double-C rails for easier access, and the body has a rear elevating tailgate on which to roll out heavy equipment. The body is flexibly attached to the chassis on a four-point supported galvanized base frame. Empl Fahrzeugwerk GmbH, Postfach 41, A-6272 Kaltenbach, Austria.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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