Emergency One Trucks Have Multiplexing System

Emergency One now offers a multiplexing electrical management system for enhanced safety, space efficiency, and performance for fire trucks. Multiplexing is a system that can transmit two or more messages on the same circuit.

This system can alert firefighters to potential dangers via a display screen. Users are warned of open compartment and passenger doors, working status of all onboard lighting, light tower position, and whether the aerial device or any equipment racks are properly stowed.

Developed by Class 1, this system has been integrated to reduce the number of wires, total connections, and terminations and the overall size of the existing harness by 50%. The integrated approach eliminates the need for an independent load manager, external relay panels, and independent flashers. Users can operate several electrical functions with just one switch.

Consolidating wires and connections into one cable virtually eliminates the risk of electrical problems due to broken connectors, bad relays, or loose wiring. Onboard and remote access to diagnostic features provides a straightforward approach to maintenance troubleshooting. The ES-KEY system was designed so remote communication can be achieved via modem through a personal computer, a laptop, or a Palm OS device.

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