Elite Brake Co adds DiamondCote to shoes

Elite Brake Company is providing DiamondCote on all of its remanufactured brake shoes to eliminate the problems associated with rust-jacking.

DiamondCote is a cathodic electrostatic coating process that, according to Elite, gives 400% better rust protection than industry standard remanufactured brake shoe paint. This process involves 12 steps to ensure that the brake shoe is completely clean and free of imperfections, and then uses a procedure that employs the particle-attracting property of electrostatic charges to coat the metal surface.

Rust-jacking is a serious problem for many industries, but particularly commercial vehicle fleets. Corrosive anti-icing highway chemicals rapidly cause rust build-up on brake shoes underneath the brake lining, which makes the brake lining crack. A cracked brake lining is unsafe and must be immediately replaced, leading to unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

Access www.elitebrake.com for more information.
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