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Elevators lower extra pallets into deep well

SOMI Trailers increase the number of pallet positions by 25% by utilizing normally wasted space between the tractor drive wheels and the trailer wheels. A deep well is created in this ‘bay’ area of the trailer, and is equipped with three hydraulic elevators.

The normal 13.6-meter (44.6-ft) long semitrailer can hold 32 euro pallets measuring 800 mm by 1200 mm (32" × 48"). The three elevators hold another eight pallets in the deep well. In practice, the first nine pallets are loaded into the nose of the van trailer. Then two pallets are loaded onto the first elevator and lowered. Three pallets are loaded onto a second deck above the first elevator. In turn the second and third elevators are loaded with three pallets each, followed by another three pallets over each elevator. The normal 11 pallets (sometimes 12) are loaded in the rear of the trailer.

SOMI is an acronym for Same Outside More Inside. It is a concept developed and patented by Pauline Dawes and her father who operate a large warehouse complex and a small fleet of delivery trailers. The first production model SOMI trailer was built by Paneltex of Hull, England, and exhibited at the RAI show in Amsterdam. A single hydraulic cylinder and cables are installed in each of the three wells to operate the elevating mechanism. Second decking over the elevators makes use of the usual lateral aluminum load bars supported by the sidewalls. The exhibition trailer was insulated, but the concept fits dry freight vans as well. SOMI Trailers, @ Innovate Logistics, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 8QZ United Kingdom.

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