Eaton VORAD will sponsor awards dinner

Eaton Corp, maker of VORAD collision warning systems, will sponsor the awards dinner at the annual conference of the American Trucking Associations' Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council, set for October 7 in Miami FL. At the dinner, S&LPMC will announce the winners of its top two awards: Driver of the Year and Safety Director of the Year.

Recent case studies involving North American fleets equipped with collision warning systems have found that:

  • Accidents were reduced by more than 85% in one study that monitored nine fleets with 1,992 VORAD-equipped trucks that traveled more than 205 million miles.

  • In five cases, accident reductions of 100% were realized in that same study.

  • A truckload carrier with 26% of its fleet equipped with VORAD products generated an accident rate of 0.153 per million miles traveled, while vehicles without the products in the same fleet had an accident rate of 0.527 per million miles traveled.

  • The study further revealed significant improvements in driver performance, as well as substantial reductions in liability and other costs associated with accidents.

Eaton also will be presenting attendees with commemorative souvenirs to further recognize commitment to safety.

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