Eaton, TRW team on Collision Warning System for heavy truck market

Eaton Corporation announced today that it has entered into a long-term agreement with Autocruise S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., for long-range radar sensors to be used in Eaton’s VORAD Collision Warning Systems (CWS).

Under the agreement, Eaton will purchase the latest Autocruise 76/77 GHz generation radar for integration into its Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems for the global heavy truck market. The new radar sensor will be sold under the VORAD and SmartCruise brands.

“This alliance combines the strength of Eaton’s ten-plus years of marketing and field experience in heavy truck Collision Warning and ACC systems with TRW Autocruise’s outstanding radar technology and manufacturing expertise,” said Roderick Jones, business unit manager for Eaton’s VORAD business.

“While we are already receiving widespread acceptance of our Collision Warning and ACC systems in North America, this agreement will allow our OEM customers to meet global radar frequency standards and thereby broaden their international marketing opportunity. Eaton will continue to develop and market VORAD Collision Warning and ACC systems as well as the complementary product offerings.”

With this agreement, Eaton will supply the global commercial vehicle market with the embedded radar unit in its VORAD Collision Warning Systems. Autocruise will continue to promote to the light vehicle market a similar AC20 base product, which it will launch on a European car platform early in 2005.

“We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with Eaton,” said Philip Cunningham, director, Chassis Product Planning for TRW Automotive. “The impressive product offering of Eaton’s VORAD business will be further augmented by TRW Autocruise's world class radar technology, and Autocruise will have the opportunity to further expand its ACC business in the heavy truck and commercial vehicle markets.”

Autocruise will supply Eaton with its radar device tailored to work in tandem with Eaton’s existing Roadranger product portfolio for the heavy truck market. The new forward-facing radar is smaller and lighter and provides more installation flexibility and improved exterior appearance.

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