Eaton teams with UQM Technologies on truck hybrid system development program

UQM Technologies Inc., a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from Eaton Corporation under a U.S. Department of Energy contract with Eaton's Truck Business to develop hybrid propulsion components for trucks and other heavy duty vehicles.

Eaton is partnered with International Truck & Engine Corporation to develop a highly integrated, next generation heavy hybrid propulsion system. UQM's contract is for the development and application of a UQM(R) motor and controller in an International truck with an Eaton hybrid electric propulsion system.

Eaton and International's DOE program provides matching funds for research and development aimed at doubling the fuel efficiency of today's conventional trucks, while maintaining reliability and durability of components and meeting future federal emissions standards for 2007 and beyond.

Most heavy vehicles today have diesel engines. Hybrid propulsion systems generally consist of a smaller internal combustion engine augmented by an electric drive, an energy storage system and regenerative braking or other energy recapture systems. Reliability demands are crucial, as heavy vehicles typically can be driven as much as one million miles over a ten-year period.

Heavy vehicles include trucks of various types and uses, buses and numerous off-highway vehicles, including construction, farming and mining equipment.

"We are pleased that Eaton Corporation has selected our company to assist them with the development and application of our products for this advanced vehicle development program. Our extensive experience in the development and application of high performance and highly efficient electric propulsion systems for a wide range of vehicle platforms will contribute to the achievement of program goals on this exciting program," said William G. Rankin, UQM Technologies, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer.

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