East has integrated subframe for frameless dump trailers

East Manufacturing has developed a new aluminum integrated subframe for its frameless dump trailers.

When the new East Lite-Ride aluminum suspension hanger is welded to the new subframe, the result is a weight reduction of more than 400 pounds. The total trailer weight is then comparable to the operational weight of a round-bottom trailer, but it has all of the benefits of a square body design.

The aluminum subframe and suspension hanger bring the tare weight of a typical East Genesis frameless trailer (39 feet long, 52-inch sidewalls) down to 9,500 pounds. An East frameless trailer also has more cubic capacity and a lower center of gravity. It is also easier to repair and does not require a heavy plastic liner. The integrated subframe is built from a combination of formed and extruded aluminum. It has been field-proven and tested to be as strong and durable as current steel subframe designs. The design is patent-pending.

For more details, contact East, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

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