East eliminates crossbar on Genesis tipper

The ability to top-load a transfer trailer quickly and efficiently increases with East Manufacturing's Genesis tipping platform transfer trailer. The Genesis sidewall design eliminates the need for a center bar or pipe that has traditionally bridged the sidewalls, midsection, across the top. To avoid damage to the cross-pipe when top-loading a trailer, an equipment operator is forced to load at the front and the back of the trailer, creating two uneven mounds of material. A center bar decreases loading efficiency by splitting the trailer loading zone in two and making packing a challenge.

Without a crossbar in the way, East Genesis tipping platform transfer trailers can be loaded faster, cleaner, and more efficiently.

The East Genesis tipper's advanced design — extruded sidewall panels, floor-to-wall junction, and heavy-duty top rail — add the extra strength needed to minimize wall flexing. This eliminates the need for a wall-supporting cross-pipe that's an easy target for loading damage, or the need to add extra material and weight to the sidewalls.

E-mail Mark Sabol at [email protected] for further information.

TAGS: Trailers
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