East adds capacity to Genesis not weight

East Mfg Corp has engineered a way to add up to two cubic yards of capacity to every Genesis smooth-side aluminum dump trailer without adding any additional weight. In the process, it's enhanced the appearance of Genesis, an aluminum dump trailer manufactured with vertical wall panels.

The original Genesis sidewall panels were offset about 2" inboard of the top and bottom rails, and the front and rear posts. By redesigning the rear posts, East was able to move the sidewalls to a flat outboard position, flush with the top and bottom rails. This gains more than 4" of interior width the length of the trailer, which gives a standard 34-foot dump trailer an additional two cubic yards of payload potential.

Genesis' clean flat look is enhanced without dirt-shedder plates or fender flares over the tires. Airflow around the sides of the Genesis is virtually unimpeded. The smooth sidewalls mean better aerodynamics. In addition, the double-wall panel configuration of Genesis also prevents dings on the interior from showing on the exterior.

The key to the new Genesis aluminum dump body is the redesigned rear post. This extruded post is stronger than formed posts used by most aluminum trailer manufacturers. Specially designed cast hinges are integrated adjacent to the rear post.

For more details, contact East, 1871 State Route 44, PO Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

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