Eagle Lift applies e-coats at a different site

Eagle Lift Liftgate's operations have been moved to a new manufacturing facility at 3501 South 11th Street in Council Bluffs IA.

At the state-of-the art facility, the company will apply acrylic e-coat topcoats. Each liftgate will be given a durable topcoat finish providing complete coverage and substantial corrosion resistance.

Liftgates will go through a 12-stage electrocoat dip-tank finishing system. After a thorough multi-tank cleaning process, the liftgates receive a zinc phosphate pre-coat and are immersed in an acrylic electro-deposition tank, where they receive a high-gloss black acrylic topcoat. The liftgates are then oven-cured to fully crosslink and cure the topcoat.

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