E-Z Weigh digital onboard scale debuts

Right Weigh Inc has launched its first digital onboard load scale. The new E-Z Weigh scale monitors the weight of any single-, tandem-, or tri-axle group of an air suspension straight truck, tractor, or trailer. Measuring and reading on-the-ground weight in pounds and kilograms, these weathertight digital gauges can withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather, allowing for exterior installation.

The E-Z Weigh's design incorporates a two-point calibration process, ensuring accurate weight readings within at least 300 lbs. A large LCD display permits easy viewing from 30 feet or more, even in bright sunlight.

Right Weigh's patented mechanical and digital scales provide accurate, on-the-ground axle weights, allowing drivers to know they are loaded legally before leaving the loading site. Simple to install, calibrate, and use, these scales are provided as a retrofit or OEM option. Load scales are available for most air suspension tractor and trailer brands and axle configurations, with complete tractor/trailer sets offered. All Right Weigh products include a one- to three-year parts warranty.

For more information, visit www.rwls.com.
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