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E-One Designs Vehicles to Fight Crime

Emergency One Inc is building specialized vehicles for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The company designs and builds vehicles for the DEA's clandestine methamphetamine lab interdictions. Thus far, the DEA has purchased 13 specialized E-One vehicles. Each DEA vehicle is equipped with an emergency eye wash station, overhead emergency shower system, and an onboard water supply in case agents are exposed to dangerous chemicals.

E-One also provides each vehicle with an on-board diesel-powered generator. These generators are used to power both fixed and portable lighting equipment essential to agents' seizure, identification, and storage of critical evidence. The generator also provides needed power for ventilation fans used to clear premises of toxic fumes. The air-conditioned units are also equipped with interior and exterior workstations to assist in documentation linked to evidence processing. Each unit is built on an all-wheel-drive Ford F-550 chassis.

Future plans call for the DEA to purchase 27 more E-One vehicles over the next three years.

The FDLE has purchased four new E-One crime scene vehicles for its homicide unit. For further information, contact E-One, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.

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