E-commerce doesn't require transaction fees

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) is providing PartnerShip Network, an industry-sponsored software system that addresses the escalating costs of e-commerce communications. This software is an alternative to VAN-based communication of EDI and other e-commerce messages between business partners.

Unlike traditional VANs and other e-commerce systems, no transaction or per-character charges are associated with the PartnerShip Network. Once the software is installed in a peer-to-peer fashion between trading partners, unlimited messaging can be performed over the Internet at no incremental cost to either partner.

PartnerShip Network software was originally developed by O'Reilly Auto Parts in cooperation with several of its parts suppliers. At the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in November 2002, O'Reilly announced plans to make the software available to the entire aftermarket industry thought a distribution relationship with AAIA.

The software sells for a one-time activation fee of $1,500 per company and an annual software license fee of $2,750 per server installation. A management oversight committee of PartnerShip Network participants advises on policy and will prioritize future software development. AAIA is responsible for marketing, distribution, and software support for users of the PartnerShip Network.

To provide installation and technical customer support, AAIA has teamed with Profile Systems of West Springfield MA.

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