Dual-Fuel engine produces low emissions

Clean Air Partners (CAP) has demonstrated ultra-low emissions on its C-12 Dual-Fuel truck engine through a project sponsored by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). With nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels of 0.5 g/bhp-h and particulate matter measuring 0.004 g/bhp-h, the system has established new benchmarks for CAP's low-emission technology.

“This project is part of Phase I of the Next Generation Natural Gas Vehicles Program led by the United States Department of Energy and NREL to develop advanced, commercially viable, medium- and heavy-duty NGVs,” says H C Wong, chief engineer at CAP and project program manager.

Combining Dual-Fuel with an active aftertreatment and exhaust gas recirculation system, laboratory data demonstrate the viability of these technologies. “By 2004, this can enable a commercially practical vehicle powered by an engine with NOx emissions of 0.2 g/bhp-h or lower that meet the 2007 EPA emission regulations,” says Wong.

Dual-Fuel systems use diesel fuel as a pilot for combustion that ignites under heat of compression to produce less nitrous oxide and particulates than engines burning diesel alone without sacrificing diesel-like performance.

CAP already has developed and sold more than 1,500 Caterpillar Dual-Fuel systems for electronically controlled truck engines as part of a partnership with Caterpillar.

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