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Dual Dump Truck Joins J&J Product Line

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers has added a newly designed dual dump truck to its line. The unit is designed to spread salt, sand, and other anti-skid materials, and also can be used as a traditional dump truck for other maintenance operations.

Incorporating a forward-mounted bi-directional conveyor with the body, the dual dump can dispense materials to either side of the dump body, allowing anti-skid materials to be spread at the left side via a quick-detach spinner assembly. To the right side, gravel and modified asphalt can be spread. Salting ahead of the chassis' own rear wheels provides a pretreated road surface.

Dumping in the forward mode maintains the load between the front and rear axle, eliminating potential overcenter dumping situations. It also reduces potential loss of steering and hazardous material spills on roadways. The cab safety interlock switch system allows the operator to select the direction of dumping, either forward or backward, without leaving the cab. The system quickly identifies dump mode to the driver.

The 10-foot dual dump body comes in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The conveyor belt is heat-resistant and will handle asphalt operations, and the salt spreader mode functions with any dual spreader function hydraulic system. Salting and berming operations can be integrated with any ground speed system, allowing consistent material output regardless of truck speed. For full details, contact J&J, 10558 Somerset Pike, Somerset PA 15501.

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