Drivetrain Service Division Boosts Spicer Life Support

The Drivetrain Service Division (DSD) of Dana Corp has updated its five-year-old, toll-free distributor locator phone number. This number - 800-729-3262 - now includes a key option key to locate a DSD distributor specializing in Spicer Life Series driveshaft service.

The locator number helps find distributors within a 150-mile radius of the ZIP code that has been entered. Pressing the number "2" when prompted will provide callers with the nearest Spicer Life specialist. Other options include pressing "1" for regular Spicer driveshafts, "3" for Eaton Fuller clutches, "4" for Spicer heavy axles, "5" for Spicer light axles, "6" for Spicer trailer axles and brakes, and "7" for Weatherhead hoses and fittings.

The distributor list will be updated every six months, or more often if needed.

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