Dow adds two adhesive/seam sealers

Dow Automotive Systems has introduced two versatile adhesive/seam sealer products. Betafill 55 adhesive/seam sealer combines the benefits of a seam sealer with a medium-strength adhesive for durable elasticity and primerless adhesion to a variety of substrates. Betamate 65 urethane adhesive and sealant protects against moisture intrusion and corrosion in body cavities while providing durable bonds in a range of commercial vehicle applications.

The multi-purpose Betafill 55 is a one-component moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive/seam sealer with the strength needed for commercial vehicle applications, including sealing, filling, and finishing seams. Available in black, gray, and white, Betafill 55 can be sanded and painted. It exhibits superior flexibility, extrusion, and gunability.

Betamate 65 is a one-component, moisture-curing product with durable elasticity, low shrinkage, good lapshear strength, and superior extrusion and gunability. Used in tandem with approved Dow Automotive Systems pretreatment systems, Betamate 65 is ideal for bonding materials including coated metals, bare aluminium, stainless steel, finer reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, and ceramic enamel. This product provides good green strength and working/open times, and has a creamy consistency for better-quality filling.

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