Domestic Container Traffic Exceeds Trailers

For the first time, intermodal traffic of domestic containers exceeded that of trailers, according to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA).

Total rail traffic in first-quarter 2001 was nearly level compared with the corresponding period of 2000, according to information provided by the six largest railroads. However, domestic container traffic increased 8.9% during the period. Traffic in international containers also increased by 2.1%.

Several railroads have announced service and capacity improvements. CSX has reduced transit time between the Ohio Valley and Miami of up to eight hours. Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Norfolk Southern announced run-through service between Southern California and the East Coast that cuts up to a full day off coast-to-coast transit times. CN cut a day from cross-country transit times and reported intermodal market shares gain through diversion of over-the-road truck traffic, IANA reports.

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