DOE grant boosts trailer aero device

Freight Wing, Inc. has announced that the company has received a $250,000 Inventions and Innovation grant from the Dept. of Energy (DOE) to allow the company to offer trucking fleets 50% cost-share trials of its aerodynamic attachments for semi-trailers.

When cost-sharing and recent fuel prices are considered, fleet trials would produce a return on investment after 50,000 miles, according to Freight Wing. Trucking fleets will be able to evaluate Freight Wing's Belly Faring and Gap Fairing products, which streamline the undercarriage and front face of standard semi-trailers.

In Society of Automotive Engineers and Technology and Maintenance Council (SAE/TMC) J1321 standardized tests, conducted by the Transportation Research Center, the products demonstrated a 6% fuel savings, Freight Wing said.

"This program presents a great opportunity for fleets to prove the technology for themselves and gain a competitive advantage," said Sean Graham, president of Freight Wing, Inc.

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