Dodge introduces New Crew of chassis cabs

Dodge Truck will add crew cabs to its lineup of Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500 chassis cabs beginning this fall.

Crew cabs currently account for approximately 20 percent of the Class 3-5 market, Dodge said. Standard features for the 2010 Ram crew cab models include a six-speed manual transmission, increased GVWR (from 12,500 up to 13,000 pounds on 3500 diesel model), four upfitter switches, increased alternator size on diesel (180 amps), and upgraded Hemi engine.

Dodge in the past has spaced its frame rails farther apart than the industry standard, but the new models will have industry-standard 34-inch frame rail spacing, and the top flanges of the C-channel rails will be clean and flat.

C/A dimensions also will be industry-standard, with sheer plate mounting locations identified along the frame.

Four all-new upfitter switches will be integrated on the instrument panel. Each of these switches are linked to an auxiliary power distribution center (PDC) located under the hood. The PDC includes one fused 20-amp battery feed and one fused relay-controlled 20-amp ignition feed. In addition to these feeds, the PDC supports four new customizable switches that are fed either by the ignition or directly by the battery. A seven-circuit trailer harness and a special wiring harness for ancillary power needs are both standard.

With built-in PTO capability, all

models feature a heavy-duty cooling system in order to meet additional heat loads that are often generated from PTO upfits and/or extreme hauling.

A special capped auxiliary fuel line on the fuel tank will be provided to supply auxiliary equipment.

The Cummins turbo diesel and the Hemi V-8 will be offered, providing a choice of diesel or gasoline power. The 6.7-liter Cummins comes with a factory-installed exhaust brake for reduced brake wear and longer brake life. Diesel models will comply with the forthcoming 2010 diesel emissions, relying on an all-new diesel exhaust fluid injection system — Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) technology.

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