DoALL Catalog Helps Those Who Saw Do It All

The new DoALL Sawing Products saw blade catalog has illustrations and instructions to help choose the right band saw blade for cutting almost any material. Twenty-one types of blades in a variety of pitches and widths are included.

Saw blade selection includes bi-metal, tungsten-carbide tipped, carbon steel, knife-edge, tungsten grit, and diamond grit blades designed for cutting everything from mild steels to exotic alloys, silicon, glass, plastic, and low-density materials like foam.

The catalog also describes “SAM,” DoALL's Solutions & Applications Manager, who will answer questions regarding the best blade, feed, or speed for any application. SAM can also help choose the right cutting fluid or select the best machine for a job. For a free consultation, phone 888-DoALLSAW, or access For further information, e-mail [email protected].

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