Distributor Council Launches Blog

The Council for Research on Distributor Competitiveness (CRDC) has debuted in its newsletter, NAW SmartBrief, a monthly blog to assist wholesaler-distributors to better manage through the current recession.

“Managing in an Uncertain Economy” focuses on Best Practices that can make an immediate difference for wholesale distribution firms. This month’s Best Practice is Inventory Stratification by Dr. Barry Lawrence of Texas A&M University.

The CRDC was created by the NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence and the Supply Chain Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M. To view the blog.

The Best Practices discussed in “Managing in an Uncertain Economy” are explained in detail in the new NAW Institute publication, Optimizing Distributor Profitability: Best Practices to a Stronger Bottom Line, which is available.

Wholesaler-distributors are encouraged to post comments on the blog about inventory
stratification and to e-mail the blog to others who may be interested in it.

For a free subscription to the NAW SmartBrief e-newsletter. For information about the benefits of joining NAW.

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