Diesel price remains flat

The price at the pump for a gallon of diesel fuel in the U.S. averaged $1.30 for the third straight week, and held that price for the fourth time in five weeks, the Dept. of Energy reported. Diesel has only been above the $1.30 mark once in the last five weeks, hitting $1.31 the week of July 22, according to the department's Energy Information Administration. That also marked the highest price for diesel since April 15, when it averaged $1.32. The data shows that the price per gallon in California rose this week from $1.428 to $1.443. The West Coast had a similar gain, rising from $1.387 to $1.405. New England remained virtually flat, up one-one thousandth to $1.407. The price is lowest in the Lower Atlantic ($1.254), Gulf Coast ($1.267) and Midwest ($1.286) regions.

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