Diesel-Fueled Cargo Heater Self-Contained

Webasto Thermosystems and Cube Manufacturing have teamed up to introduce the Heat Cube 1 for heating cargo trailers. Available from either company, the Heat Cube 1 offers a diesel-operated cargo heater without a fuel tank or other parasitic device needing to be added to the trailer.

The Heat Cube 1 can exchange the air in a 48-foot empty trailer in less than 20 minutes. Installed with a Webasto HL 90 air heater, Heat Cube 1 supplies between 22,000 and 31,000 Btu/hour of forced air heat and includes an independent self-monitoring system to ensure safe operation. It weighs 270 pounds with a 44-gallon steel tank, so there is no need to add reinforcement to the trailer. The Heat Cube 1 is also available with a 25-gallon aluminum tank, reducing its weight to 175 pounds.

The Heat Cube 1 requires one or two 4-inch holes cut into the trailer for operation and a choice of a four- or six-bolt mounting system. Other Heat Cube 1 features include:

  • Runs off battery, tractor, or plug-in power.
  • Integral charging system and trickle charger isolator with 12-volt capacity.
  • Weatherproof door design, complete with locking mechanism and rain channel.
  • The HL 90 air heater has the lowest power consumption of any heater in its class, says Webasto.
  • Uses diesel fuel, costs less to operate than propane heaters, and is not restricted when propane cannot be used.

For more details, contact Webasto, 1598 E Lincoln, Madison Heights MI 48071.

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