Dialight adds low-beam headlamp to line

Dialight has added the new LED low-beam 4"x 6" headlamp to its line of SAE/DOT-approved LED lighting products for mass transit buses and commercial vehicles.

Operating at less than 14 watts, this headlamp uses more than 70% less energy than conventional halogen headlamps and one-third the energy of a leading LED competitor in its class. This energy efficiency helps reduce stress on a vehicle's electrical system and potentially improves fuel economy.

With Dialight's proprietary thermal design, the headlamp requires no cooling fans or other moving parts to manage heat, eliminating failure points. The combination of energy efficiency and thermal management makes the long-life lamp reliable.

While typical conventional headlamps require replacement about once every nine months, the Dialight unit offers a life expectancy of more than 10 full years, seven of those backed by Dialight's full-replacement warranty.

Made at Dialight's Roxboro NC facility, the new headlamp is SAE/DOT FMVSS108-compliant. Its aluminum alloy die-cast housing and hard-coated polycarbonate lens make the weatherproof unit impact-resistant. The plug-and-play unit is a perfect match in fit and function to incandescent headlamps and offers universal 12- and 24-volt dual-voltage operation.

For more information, visit www.dialight.com.
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