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Deliveries up 3% for Volvo Trucks

Total deliveries of trucks from the Volvo Group's three truck companies
increased 3% through July this year, compared with the year-earlier period.
Deliveries from Mack rose 7%, while deliveries from Renault Trucks were up 10%. Deliveries from Volvo Trucks decreased 3% during the period.

Deliveries from Mack through July totalled 22,264 units. The gains reflect the strong buying interest in the North American market earlier this year, driven by customers seeking to purchase trucks before the new emissions regulations set to take effect in January 2007.

Volvo Trucks' deliveries during the period January-July amounted to 60,068 vehicles. The reduction relates mainly to lower delivery volumes to Iran. Excluding this market, deliveries increased by 11%. In Europe, deliveries increased by 10%. On the German and Italian markets, the number of delivered trucks increased by 18% (2,619 vehicles) and 50% (1,973 vehicles) respectively. In Eastern Europe too, there was considerable demand for Volvo trucks. In Poland and Russia, deliveries increased by 75% (1,215 vehicles) and 96% (1,205 vehicles) respectively.

In North America, the number of delivered trucks amounted to 21,734 (18,023), corresponding to an increase of 21%. In South America, however, deliveries dropped by 13% to 4,164 trucks (4,807).

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