Dealing digitally

Trailmobile Parts & Service Corporation is taking advantage of the Internet to get parts information and online ordering capability into the hands of the customer quickly and accurately.

At, parts customers can learn about products, place orders, and track deliveries.

“We went on the Net in 2000 with this system,” Kathy Caminiti said at the Trailmobile parts managers meeting. “We were convinced that the age of the Internet had arrived. Of our 200-plus dealers, 176 now have Internet access.”

Included on the site is a comprehensive online parts catalog developed in partnership with This database of trailer parts and schematics can be searched by part number, an item description, or a vendor.

Separate catalogs are available for retail customers and Trailmobile parts dealers. Authorized distributors may load up a shopping cart, and a quick order form is provided for customers who already know the item number they wish to order. Those who are not sure can click a hyperlink to see what the part looks like. Customers automatically receive an e-mail order confirmation after placing their order.

For those with an authorized log-in, the status of the order can be seen easily. The Erlanger, Kentucky, parts distribution center has a satellite tracking system that inputs data into the Trailmobile site. Visitors can learn how the truck was loaded, how many stops are on its schedule, and the approximate arrival time at the customer's location.

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