Dana to provide driveshafts to Hino

Dana Corporation announced today that it has been selected by Hino Motors, Ltd to provide Spicer® driveshaft assemblies for 2005 model year Hino North American Class 4 through 7 vehicles. Hino's all-new 2005 model year conventional-style trucks will be available at Hino's North American dealers beginning in January 2004.

Dana will supply Spicer Life Series® 70, 100, and 140 driveshafts for the 2005 Hino platform. The driveshafts will be assembled at Dana's Customer Focus Center in Renton, Washington.

Hino Motor Sales USA is the U S distribution company for Hino Motors Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, which is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. Based in Orangeburg, N.Y., the company sells and services Class 4, 5, 6, and 7 trucks.

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