Damaged Pentaon equipment replaced

Emergency One, Inc of Ocala, Florida, has supplied a Titan 4x4 aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicle to replace the one that was severely damaged when terrorists crashed an airliner into the Pentagon September 11.

The United States Army assessed the condition of the unit that was located near the point of impact and determined that a replacement vehicle was needed immediately.

In order to help expedite delivery and with the US Army’s approval, E-One utilized a stock Titan 4x4 ARFF and promptly made the appropriate modifications to meet the US Army’s requirements. The new truck was readied and delivered in less than two weeks to Fort Myer Fire and Emergency Services, Pentagon Station.

Key features of the new truck included four-person cab seating, Detroit Diesel 8V92TA 585 bhp engine,1500-gallon water tank, 200-gallon foam concentrate tank, 500-pound dry chemical system, waterous 1500-gpm water pump, and 7.8 kW diesel generator.

The TitanÒ 4x4 will be utilized at the Pentagon Station for coverage relevant to helicopter air traffic associated with standard operations there.

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