DaimlerChrysler ready for Challenge Bibendum

DaimlerChrysler will be showcasing twelve vehicles, including two light-duty trucks and one Class 8, at Michelin Group's Challenge Bibendum September 23-25. The Michelin Group established Challenge Bibendum as an objective way to bring together and test the best available technologies for environmentally positive vehicles. It is considered one of the premier global events for advanced technology vehicles. The annual event features vehicles from major manufacturers on three continents and brings together all partners in the automotive world: vehicle manufacturers, designers, energy suppliers, technical leaders, policy makers, universities and government organizations. DaimlerChrysler said its team of production and concept vehicles highlights the advancements that have been made in diesel and fuel cell technology. Freightliner's Safety-Environment-Technology (SET) Demonstration Vehicle is the Class 8 that will be showcased. The SET vehicle is an exhibition of advanced systems designed to enhance safety, reduce the environmental impact and increase the productivity of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, DaimlerChrysler said. DaimlerChrysler's has also entered two Dodge Ram 2500 production light-trucks that are powered by a Cummins 5.9l turbodiesel engine.

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