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Cummins Releases Bodybuilder tools

Cummins Inc. announces that new tools for its 2007 on-highway engines are now available for bodybuilders. Cummins has created customized support materials to give body builders a complete reference manual of Cummins requirements and guidelines for the 2007 engines.

Bodybuilders who have questions about 2007 engine installation changes or unique requirements will be able to use the body builder manual and related documents to ensure they are interfacing correctly with new engine and aftertreatment systems.

With the addition of Cummins integrated aftertreatment system for 2007, it is important that bodybuilders review Cummins guidelines in order to avoid installations that will alter or impair the emissions performance of the engine. Bodybuilders can ensure they deliver the highest-quality product to customers by using this new tool.

To obtain copies of these reference materials, bodybuilders may either contact the OEM or contact Cummins through their local distributor. More information and a complete listing of all bodybuilder materials may be reviewed at Cummins web site

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