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Cummins To Produce Light-duty Clean Diesel Engines in Columbus

Cummins Inc. today announced that it has selected the Columbus Engine Plant (CEP) as the production facility for its new family of light-duty clean diesel engines, which the company plans to begin manufacturing by no later than 2010.

Preparations for the manufacturing lines are scheduled to begin in mid-2007 and are expected to create 200 additional jobs by the end of next year. Cummins expects the new line to employ at least 600 to 800 people within two years of the product launch.

DaimlerChrysler will be the major customer for the engine, which will be designed to power vehicles below 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight for a number of automotive applications.

"We are pleased to build upon our 18-year partnership and brand franchise by providing our new light-duty diesel engine for use in a Chrysler Group product," said Tim Solso, Cummins Chairman and CEO. "We know customers for this product will demand outstanding performance, terrific fuel efficiency and car-like noise characteristics. Cummins is using its technology leadership to meet all of those criteria, while providing the driving public with an exciting new clean diesel engine."

Cummins expects the manufacturing lines for the new engine to occupy approximately 500,000 square feet of the 1.4 million square feet of space at CEP devoted to manufacturing. CEP was Cummins first full-fledged manufacturing facility and has been in use since 1926. Approximately 630 people currently work at CEP.

Cummins anticipates it will spend approximately $250 million, which includes capital expenditures for machinery and equipment, plus facility upgrades.

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