Cummins Inc Releases QuickCheck for Palm

Cummins Inc has released a QuickCheck system for a Palm handheld device designed to read and capture SAE J1587 engine data from any electronic diesel engine.

Once the QuickCheck datalink adapter is plugged into the appropriate vehicle harness, engine data can be viewed in real time or saved to be downloaded later into a personal computer.

With the parameter screen, a range of engine functions can be checked, including engine speed, coolant temperature, boost pressure, intake manifold temperature, oil pressure, fuel rate, engine load, engine hours, throttle, and output torque. The fault screen allows the user to view any engine problems.

QuickCheck's trip screen allows the operator to download engine data for a cumulative trip overview, and view information such as maximum speed, cruise set, idle hours, idle fuel, vehicle distance, engine hours, vehicle hours, PTO hours, and fuel used. QuickCheck will be available for SAE J1939 engine data retrieval within the next 12 months, said Mike Champlin, Cummins' business manager for information and electronics.

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