Cummins Inc produces 1.5-millionth Turbo Diesel

Cummins Inc celebrated a key milestone with the shipment of the 1.5-millionth Cummins Turbo Diesel at its MidRange Engine Plant.

With an average fuel savings of up to 40 percent, diesel delivers more miles per gallon than a comparable gasoline engine. According to a recent study by J D Power and Associates, diesel trucks, SUVs, and cars are expected to grow from 3 percent market share in 2004 to 7.5 percent by 2012.

Technologies such as a high-pressure common rail fuel system and Cummins electronic controls provide superior performance while reducing emissions levels. With the implementation of low-sulfur diesel fuels in 2007, emissions will be reduced further.

When launched in 1988 for the 1989 model year, Cummins expected to produce only 8,000 Cummins Turbo Diesels for Chrysler Group's Dodge Brand annually. That number quickly escalated to more than 16,000 engines in the first year of production. This growth in popularity has carried on with current record levels of production expected to reach more than 165,000 Cummins Turbo Diesel engines for 2006.

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