Cummins Announces Uptime Guarantee for '07

Cummins Inc. today announced that its Heavy-Duty ISX and ISM on-highway truck engines for 2007 will be covered by its exclusive Uptime Guarantee, an industry first when it was introduced in 2002.

For 2007, the Uptime Guarantee includes both the engine and the aftertreatment system. Under the guarantee, if a customer's ISX or ISM engine or aftertreatment system fails and can't be repaired within a 24-hour period, Cummins will not only pay for the repairs, but also provide up to three days of reimbursement for a rental vehicle, so that customers can deliver their loads.

"Customers need to know that they can buy 2007 vehicles with absolute confidence that they are going to perform reliably. With over 40 billion miles of real-world testing and experience, Cummins can provide that kind of assurance," said Jeff Jones, Cummins Vice President - Sales and Market Communications. "The fact that we control every aspect of the design and manufacture of this totally integrated system ensures superior fuel economy and strong performance, along with the exceptional reliability that is a hallmark of Cummins engines. This, together with the implementation of Six Sigma quality control measures, allows us to continue with innovative programs like the Uptime Guarantee."

Cummins introduced the Uptime Guarantee back in 2002 with the launch of its cooled-EGR engines as a measure of confidence in the engines' reliability. Cummins cooled-EGR subsystem is the foundation for its 2007 emissions solution.

The Uptime Guarantee applies to all EPA-certified 2007 Cummins ISX and ISM engines through December 31, 2007, with coverage good through the end of this year, and is available at all Cummins distributors and qualified dealers.

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