Cummins announces opening of first technical center in China

Cummins Inc. further strengthened its engine research and development capability in China by officially opening its first technical center in central China's Wuhan City.

The East Asia Technical Center, a 55-45 joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company Limited (DCEC), will provide engineering and technical development services for the full range of Cummins products built in China, including diesel and natural gas engines, power generators, turbochargers and filtration products. DCEC is a 50-50 joint venture between Cummins and China's Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM).

"As a global leader in the diesel industry, Cummins operates 16 technical centers around the world." said John Wall, Cummins' Chief Technical Officer. "And today we are pleased to welcome our 17th member into Cummins global technical network. The establishment of the East Asia Technical Center once again demonstrates Cummins commitment to China, to global engineering and to our growing partnership with Dongfeng."

As the fourth joint venture between Cummins and Dongfeng, one of China's top three automakers, the East Asia Technical Center further expands the 20-year partnership that has already yielded one engine factory (DCEC) and one exhaust system plant (Xiangfan Exhaust), as well as one filter company (Shanghai Fleetguard).

John Watkins, President of Cummins East Asia, commented, "The East Asia Technical Center is crucial to our future growth in China because it enables Cummins and Dongfeng to respond to the engineering and product needs of local and international customers better, quicker and with less cost."

"The grand opening of the Technical Center is a historic moment in the two-decade partnership between DFM and Cummins." said Mr. Zhu Fushou, General Manager of Dongfeng Automobile Company Limited (DFAC). "It shows our strategic cooperation has continuously evolved from licensing products to joint venture manufacturing to joint technical development."

The East Asia Technical Center will provide product development, emissions testing, customer application engineering and more, allowing Cummins and DCEC to tailor and develop products for the China market. The Center also allows both companies to better support future emissions standards for engines produced in China. A series of projects has already started in the Technical Center, including the development of new 13-liter engine platform for DCEC.

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