Costco First To Receive PACCAR MX Engine in 2011 Kenworth Production Truck

Costco Wholesale Corp. has become both the first Kenworth Truck Company and PacLease customer to receive a 2011 Kenworth production truck equipped with the new PACCAR MX engine.

During a special ceremony recently at Costco headquarters in Issaquah, Wash., Costco Executive Vice President Tom Walker, Senior Vice President of Depots and Traffic John Thelan, and Vice President of Depot Operations Sarah Mogk received the keys to a new, aerodynamic Kenworth T660 from Bill Kozek, Kenworth Truck Company general manager and PACCAR vice president, and Olen Hunter, PACCAR Leasing director of sales.

“We’re honored to be selected to receive the first PACCAR MX engine installed in a 2011 Kenworth production truck,” said Walker, who oversees Costco’s transportation, supply chain and facility operations worldwide.

“We already operate 150 Kenworth T660s in our fleet. Teaming the fuel-efficient PACCAR MX engine with the aerodynamic T660 will help Costco attain additional fuel efficiency gains while also reducing emissions,” said Mogk, who is responsible for Costco’s private fleet operations.

Costco’s all-Kenworth fleet of 300 trucks in North America are all covered under a full-service lease provided by PacLease, which provides maintenance, administrative support and other services to Costco’s fleet operation.

“PacLease continues to partner with Costco to deliver innovative transportation solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity,” said Hunter. “Costco’s introduction of 150 T660s last year helped increase fuel efficiency by nearly 1 mile per gallon and provide decreased emissions. We’re pleased that Costco is the first PacLease customer to take delivery of the PACCAR MX engine in a 2011 production truck.”

The PACCAR MX engine, which has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification, meets the stringent 2010, low-emission standards of 0.2 grams per brake horsepower hour of NOx and 0.01 grams per brake horsepower hour of particulate matter.

The PACCAR MX engine is available with a horsepower range of 380 hp to 485 hp and torque outputs up to 1,750 lb-ft.

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