Corporate Express Using Hybrid-Electric Delivery Truck From Isuzu

Corporate Express US Inc., part of the Dutch-based Corporate Express NV, announced today that it will be one of the first companies in North America to pilot a prototype diesel hybrid-electric delivery truck from Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.

Corporate Express' pilot of this innovative vehicle marks the company's first step towards adding Isuzu hybrid-electric vehicles to its US delivery fleet, with the goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and minimizing environmental impact.

"As a pure business-to-business company, our distribution operations are a primary focus as we work to reduce our carbon footprint," said Jay Mutschler, President of Corporate Express US. "We approached Isuzu about a diesel hybrid-electric vehicle last year, and we are extremely pleased that our partnership with them is enhanced with a pilot of this terrific emerging technology here in the US."

The majority of Corporate Express US' trucks are from Isuzu, who has been the company's long-time trucking partner since 1992.

This move is part of Corporate Express' overall plans to reduce environmental impact through goals for facilities, distribution operations, sustainable forestry, environmentally sustainable products and social responsibility. These plans are outlined in the Company's US Sustainability Policy.

Isuzu is working with Enova Systems to retrofit the Isuzu truck prototype with their HybridPower drive system -- a turnkey system that combines an enhanced electric motor and electronic controls to help power the vehicle. Enova Systems is a globally recognized provider of environmentally friendly hybrid drive systems for vehicles that provide significant savings in fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas and noise pollution. There are numerous other Isuzu diesel-electric hybrid programs including a large-scale commercial program in Japan to provide cleaner vehicles in an urban environment.

Corporate Express expects to receive the prototype vehicle in April 2008, in Los Angeles, California.

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