Core-Free Carrier Program saves time, money

The Heavy Vehicle Technologies and Systems Service division of Dana Corp has launched a new program that eliminates the time and expense of purchasing and returning heavy-duty axle carrier cores. With the new Core-Free Carrier Program, Spicer heavy-axle customers will no longer be accessed a core charge when purchasing a carrier assembly. The program will do away with the need to, and the costs associated with, returning cores for credit.

The Core-Free Carrier Program took effect July 1, 2004. Dana is eliminating Remanufactured Carriers from the product line.

Another change made is the addition of a two-year, unlimited-miles warranty on any remanufactured carrier that customers still have in inventory and sell after July 1. Consequently, remanufactured units can be sold with the same warranty as the new Spicer carriers. This will help customers use up any existing inventory and still be covered with the same warranty as that with a new carrier.

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