Contest focus: aluminum extrusion design

Students worldwide will compete for recognition and money at the 2007 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition. Deadline for entries is Feb 12, 2007.

Started in 2000 by the ET Foundation, these competitions are intended to promote greater understanding and use of extruded aluminum profiles as well as to highlight innovations and excellence in aluminum extrusion design.

Students may submit entries of any category including structural, transportation, and commercial/industrial/consumer product areas. Winning designs are those that best demonstrate the benefits of aluminum extrusions, whether by creating a new product or improving an existing one. Entries are judged based on creativity, practicality, process improvement, and market potential. Cash prizes total $8,000.

Hydro also sponsors a Hydro Sustainable Design Award. This prize will go to the student entry that, in addition to meeting the basic ET Foundation Design Competition criteria, best addresses societal and/or environmental concerns. The winner will be the student who best develops a viable extrusion-based product that meets the demands of the environment while contributing to its intended users' quality of life

For more information or to submit an entry form, visit

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