Construction Equipment Exports Show Gains

While the export market for United States construction equipment softened in fourth-quarter 2000, total industry shipments for 2000 increased more than 15% over the previous year to reach $7.78 billion worth of American construction machinery shipped to nations worldwide. This is according to data from the Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (CIMA). Total 2000 export business showed gains to most world regions.

Exports to South America grew the most in 2000, an increase of 25.5% over 1999, as the region took delivery of $929 million worth of US construction equipment. Exports to Asia rose almost 19% to total $1.03 billion in 2000, while Central America purchased $931 million worth of American construction machinery, a gain of 7%.

Construction equipment exports to Europe rose 21% in 2000 to total $1.85 billion, and exports of construction machinery to North America (Canada) were $2.4 billion, an increase of 12.5%. Exports to Australia increased 11% in 2000 to total $411 million. The only region with a drop in purchases was Africa, with $256 million — a 2% decline.

The top 10 export destinations for US construction equipment exports in 2000: 1) Canada, $2.4 billion; 2) Belgium, $776 million; 3) Mexico, $680 million; 4) Australia, $383 million; 5) Chile, $353 million; 6) Indonesia, $252 million; 7) Japan, $235 million; 8) Brazil, $200 million; 9) United Kingdom, $179 million; and 10) Spain, $169 million.

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