Concert Group Logistics, LLC Opens Houston Station

Concert Group Logistics (CGL), a Downers Grove, Illinois-based leader in transportation logistics, opened its Houston office in August 2006 with Myra Hill as owner and general manager. On November 30, 2006, the station achieved certification as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise by the Houston Minority Business Council under the name of Todd-Hill Logistics Solutions, Inc.

“Houston is home to many Fortune 500 companies and we are excited to have a skilled team in the area to provide CGL transportation logistics services and to help these companies meet their diversity needs,” said Gerry Post, CGL President and COO.

Hill says Houston is a gateway city with a variety of industries with which to work. “Houston is a top city for global import and export as well as domestic transportation. The logistics industry in the area is very competitive and we set ourselves apart by providing excellent customer service. CGL provides the operational support that helps us maintain high standards.”

CGL provides global transportation logistics services through its network of transportation professionals who own and operate their own locations. This innovative business model allows the company to offer greater flexibility and reliability, while lowering its customers’ total costs.

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